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The Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center

Seat Sponsorship Program

Leave your personalized mark within our historic theater! Each brand-new seat of the completely renovated Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center is now available for sponsorship. This allows you to commemorate a friend, family member, organization, special occasion, business, or to show your personal support for the theater. Seat sponsorship contributions may be made at the $250, $500, $750, or $1,000 levels.

Your seat sponsorship supports the operation and preservation of this historic cultural institution.

All seat sponsorship funds are managed and distributed by our non-profit partner: The Cultural Foundation of Harrison County. They are tax deductible and vital to supporting our ongoing cultural, community, and historic preservation goals.

A custom engraved naming plate with the message or name of your choice will be placed on the selected seat’s armrest as special recognition of your gift. The nameplates will accommodate up to 25 characters on each of 3 lines.

You can become an important part of the history of the Robinson Grand Performing Arts Center today by sponsoring a seat!

Terms of Seat Sponsorship

Due to the diverse nature of events being held at the theater, seat sponsorship is a naming opportunity for the RGPAC’s Capital Campaign. They are not a reservation of the seat(s) for programming or advance ticket sales. The seat nameplates will be displayed and maintained in perpetuity.